Saint Francis Catholic Secondary School

Welcome to Student Services!

We extend a warm welcome to all students to explore our website and visit our Student Services office. While on your journey to success, whether it be to an Apprenticeship, College, University, or the world of work, please feel free to access any of our available resources.

School Phone : (905) 646 – 2002

Ms. Rapattoni  (Counsellor and Program Chair) ext 2145

Mr. Sullivan (Counsellor) ext 2144


Mrs. Cuviello ext 2143


Mr. McGuire ext 2132

Cooperative Education

Mrs. Labrovic ext 2147

Special Education

Ms. Fazzalari (Counsellor) — Special Education Classroom Teacher

Mrs. Casburn ext 2149

School Nurse

Nurse Dina —

Student Success Teacher

Mrs. Bianco ext 2146

Youth Worker

Mrs. Bridges ext 2148

Grad Info Messages

To receive grad messages and updates please visit your NCVLE Grad Classroom