Saint Francis Catholic Secondary School

Uniform Policy

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The uniform is traditional at St. Francis. It reflects Phoenix pride and encourages school spirit. It creates a positive atmosphere for learning.
A general policy cannot detail all possible situations. The administration will interpret the application of the general policy to any particular situation and their decision is final.
Students who travel to another school within the Board to take a course must comply with the uniform policy of the teaching school.

General Principles

  • Co-operate with the school’s uniform policy at all times.
  • Be in uniform all day, everyday, from arrival to departure.
  • Only wear shirts, sweaters, and pants, shorts or kilts that are official school uniform items supplied for the specific school.
  • Present a neat appearance.
  • Wear uniform items properly.
  • Keep uniform items clean and in good repair.
  • Wear clothing that is sized appropriately (neither too large, nor immodestly tight) Students who are not wearing the uniform properly will be sent home.


Kilt: Must be properly hemmed and are not to be worn more than 8 cm above the middle of the kneecap. Girls who have rolled,
outgrown, cut or altered the kilt in any way will be required to wear uniform pants until the concern has been corrected.  Students who wear the kilt inappropriately will lose kilt privileges.

Pants: Must be in good repair, worn buttoned at the waist, and properly hemmed to the heel of the shoe just above the floor.
Uniform pants that have been improperly altered (including seam splits) may not be worn until the problem has been corrected.

Shorts:All uniform shorts are to be embroidered with a school logo and may be worn as part of the “summer” uniform from  April to the end of October.The uniform shorts are not to be rolled or improperly hemmed. The school logo must be visible at all times.

Shirt: All uniform shirts are to be embroidered with the school logo and are to be buttoned to the 3rd hole (or higher) from the collar.
Undershirts must not be visible below the bottom of the shirt or extend beyond the sleeve.
As of September, 2010, the white Oxford shirt – both short and long sleeved – designed to be worn untucked, may be worn untucked.
The ‘old’ style Oxford shirt with tails must be tucked in at all times. The white polo shirt (short and long sleeved) may be worn untucked.


Footwear: Students must wear socks with their uniform shoes.  The uniform shoe, including the sole, must be solid black.  No other colours or logos are to be visible anywhere on the shoe.
Students are not permitted to wear boots, clogs, sandals, running shoes or slippers. The uniform shoe must have a closed heel and a closed toe.  If a student has a doctor’s note prescribing alternate shoes,
the alternate shoes must be all black.

If you are uncertain whether the style of your son’s or daughter’s shoes meets our policy, we recommend bringing the shoes in for approval by an administrator before wearing the shoes to school.

Socks: Shall be neutral in colour and are to be worn with the uniform pants at all times.  Uniform tights or knee socks must be navy in colour and must be worn with the kilt at all times.  Plain navy,
opaque tights must be worn under the kilt from thanksgiving through to mid april as part of the winter uniform.

Sweaters: Are to be blue uniform sweaters (v-neck pullovers, sleeveless vests, cardigans and grad sweaters) can be worn during the school day.  Sweaters must be worn from Thanksgiving through to Easter.
A school shirt must be worn under the sweater with the collar visible.  The uniform sweater is not to worn around the waist or shoulders.

Items that may be worn with the uniform

Belts: Any belt that is worn must be plain black. The size of the buckle must not exceed the width of the belt and must not be distracting.

Body Piercing: The wearing of rings, studs or bars in visible body piercings such as lip, tongue, eyebrow or any other facial area is prohibited as part of the uniform policy.
Piercings may not be covered by a bandage or kept open with spacers.  Students will be sent home until all facial jewellery has been removed and approved by Administration.

Hair and Makeup: Hair and Make-up is to be styled in a way that is not distracting or conspicuous.

Coats, Hats and Hoods: May not be worn in the school at any time.  Students leaving the building for lunch should carry their coats to the door.
Students returning from lunch are expected to remove their outer wear once they enter the building.  Bandanas and kerchiefs are prohibited.  Only uniform sweaters are permitted.  All
other non-uniform attire is to be stored in lockers.

Jewelry:Must be neat, respectable, inoffensive, non-distracting and coordinate with the school uniform.  Jewellery, including spiked bracelets and necklaces, earrings,
chains and ear-lobe expanders, that is considered to be a safety hazard or distraction, is not permitted.

Tattoos/Branding: Visible tattooing or branding is prohibited.  Any existing tattoo must be covered by uniform clothing items; no other covering is acceptable.

Undershirts: Students who choose to wear t-shirts under the uniform shirt and sweater are reminded that only short-sleeved, plain white t-shirts are permitted.
(‘Plain’ means without any decoration or text.) The length of the sleeve of the undershirt must not exceed the length of the uniform shirt.  For example, long sleeved
t-shirts are not to be worn under short sleeved uniform shirts.

Casual dress day policy

Clothing worn by students should be suitable for school and reflect the dignity and sense of morality of the total school community.  Apparel must be appropriate to the learning environment.

Spirit Wear Days (club or team shirts or jerseys) are usually scheduled for the second Friday of each month.  Casual Dress Days are usually scheduled for the last Friday of each month (see calendar).
The Administration reserves the right to cancel Casual Dress Days at any time.


  1. no hats or bandanas are to be worn
  2. all clothing must be clean and in good repair
  3. students are not to wear clothing that is oversized or immodestly
  4. undersized (e.g. low cut tops, halters, spaghetti straps and tank tops, skirts/shorts no shorter than knee-length, etc.)
  5. clothing items that contain offensive language, messages or graphics are inappropriate (e.g. drug/alcohol endorsements offensive band logos, sexual  connotations, etc.)

Aside from clothing, all other uniform expectations are in effect. Students dressed inappropriately on a Casual Dress Day will not be allowed to attend classes until the concern is corrected.


When attending a co-op placement, a student must be in complete St. Francis uniform. Alternatives are at the discretion of the co-op teacher in consultation with the employer and vice-principal.


Students are to report to the office, prior to the beginning of the day, to receive an out of uniform slip. A note from a parent/guardian must accompany the request.
Requests for non-uniform shoes must be accompanied with a note from a doctor; the shoes that are worn in lieu of the dress shoes are to be black.

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