Saint Francis Catholic Secondary School

Cooperative Education

For Grades 11 And 12 Students

Cooperative Education (Co-op) is a program that offers senior students the opportunity to extend classroom learning into supervised learning experiences in the community. Students can earn credits which are related to specific school subjects.

Cooperative Education programs combine a placement component, which consists of a full-semester, half-day work placement in the community, with a classroom component. Liability insurance and Workplace Safety and Insurance Board coverage is in place for all Cooperative Education students. The classroom component is based on pre-placement sessions prior to attending a placement in the community, and reflective sessions (called Integration sessions) throughout the semester. The pre-placement sessions will include health and safety training, a review of career opportunities and labour market trends, issues related to confidentiality, work ethic, Employment Standards Act, the role of unions, etc. The placement component relies on a “Personalized Placement Learning Plan” to outline the practical application of the related course at a placement in the community. Co-op hours cannot be counted towards the 40 hour Community Service graduation requirement. Additional student accident coverage is encouraged for all Co-op students.

Application Procedure For Co-Op Programs

  • During the Online Course Selection Process, choose Cooperative Education which will fill in 2 spaces.
  • Interview with a Co-op teacher to discuss your interests for placements.
  • Depending on your placement choice, you may have to complete a health test, criminal reference check, a specialized application package, and/or pre-screening if required by a particular workplace.

Criteria for Student Acceptance into the Program

  • Maturity, including having a positive attitude, ability to be punctual and have regular attendance, and possess a willingness to learn.
  • Adhere to the policies and procedures of the workplace and school.
  • Follow health and safety regulations in the workplace.

Questions about Coop?  

Speak to Mrs. Labrovic in Student Services 905-646-2002 x2147

Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP)

The Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP) is a unique program that enables high school students to get a head start on their career as a skilled trade professional while still in high school. The program is offered through Cooperative Education. It allows a student to complete his or her Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) and to gain apprenticeship training leading to a Certificate of Qualification with journeyperson status in a skilled trade.

Pathways To Apprenticeship

Students may pursue apprenticeship via three different routes:

Route #l (recommended)
  • In-school APC course(s)
  • Co-operative Education Course(s)
  • Apprenticeship registration through Co-op/OYAP

Assistance in arranging a suitable apprenticeable work placement will be provided by Co-op facilitator and/or OYAP facilitator at the Catholic Education Centre.

Route #2
  • Co-operative Education work placement in a specific trade
  • Apprenticeship registration through Co-op/OYAP

Assistance in arranging a suitable apprenticeable work placement will be provided by Co-op facilitator and/or OYAP facilitator at the Catholic Education Centre.

Route #3
  • Complete secondary school diploma
  • Student finds an apprenticeship placement within his/her chosen trade and works in the trade for the duration of the apprenticeship

NOTE: OYAP students who have recently completed successful co-op placements, but who are not returning to school for the second semester, are invited to register on This service, funded by Employment Ontario, is free. Students can upload their resumés, check the job board postings, and apply through the website to positions of interest. Staff members at apprenticesearch have commented that students with OYAP experience make excellent candidates and have had success in finding positions through the site.

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