Saint Francis Catholic Secondary School


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Alderson, Richard (Phys-Ed)2766
Bemke, Krystyna (Secretary, Attendance)2110
Bianco, Rose2146
Bridges, Carey2148
Casburn, Patricia (Spec. Ed)2149
Chalmers, Tim (English, Languages, Literacy)2725
Charette, John2784
Cheng, Anita2772
Cuviello, Ida2143
D'Andrea, Lucy (Caretaker)
DellaVentura, Tony (VP)2112
D'Intino, Carm (Secretary, Finance)2305
DiPietro, Mark2708
DiGaetano, Lori2101
Fazzalari, Lisa2798
Feltrin, Giancarlo2765
Frève, Yannick2738
Gandola, Luca2739
Hauber, Michelene2700
Hendriks, Sharlene (Head Secretary )2300
Kanters, Greg2723
Labrovic, Sonya2147
Lambert, Tina (Arts/Social Science)2742
Lethby, Judith (Library)2130
Lucas, Mike2716
Macoretta, Darren2753
Marcheterre, Jon2785
Markovich, Stefani2787
McDermott, Nancy (Business/Tech)2797
McGuire, Paul - Chaplain2132
Meisner, Tiffany2778
Mills, Rick (Science)2796
Oliviera, Rob (Religion)2789
O'Reilly, Kathryn (EA)2763
Packham, Andrea (EA)
Palumbo, Mario (EA)
Payne, Stephen2709
Pietrangelo, Frank2795
Potalivo, Michael2767
Pychel, Wade2771
Rapattoni, Marla (Student Services)2145
Sacilot, Beth2774
Scala, Ann2780
Spiotti, Deb2799
Sullivan, Patrick (Student Services)2144
VanBakel, Chris2706
Venneri, Marc2727
Wall, Marisa2712
Whittard, Jim (Principal)2102
Wiley, Dustin2352

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Diocese of St. Catharines

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