Saint Francis Catholic Secondary School

Specialist High Skills Major


The SHSM program allows students the opportunity to focus their learning on a specific area or industry. If the student is successful in meeting the SHSM requirements, a special red seal designation is awarded on their Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

The SHSM program offers students the opportunity to acquire the skills and expertise that will assist them in all four of the post secondary pathways–apprenticeship, college, university and workplace.

The components are area/industry specific but include required “bundled credits”, two cooperative education credits in that area, sector recognized certifications and/or training sessions, area specific “reach ahead” experiences and the earning of the Ontario Skills Passport (OSP).

To learn more about each area from our board website, click here.

The areas or sectors currently offered at Saint Francis are listed below. Click on each name to see a chart of the course requirements for each pathway.


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