Saint Francis Catholic Secondary School

School Background

St. Francis Catholic Secondary School is located in North St. Catharines close to Port Dalhousie.
The school draws students from Mother Theresa Catholic Elementary School, St. Ann Catholic Elementary School,
St. Denis Catholic Elementary School and St. James Catholic Elementary School. Established in 1995 on the former
Holy Cross Catholic High School site, St. Francis has become known for its noteworthy academic, athletic, community
and social justice initiatives.

A thriving community of approximately 750 students, St. Francis has at once maintained its “small school” culture
while becoming known for the myriad of opportunities it presents students for growth academically, spiritually, physically and emotionally.

In 2007, graduates of St. Francis began roaming the halls as teachers to a new generation of students. The traditions
established are being nurtured and grown through a vivacious, knowledgeable and passionate students, staff and community members.

Family of Schools

Diocese of St. Catharines


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