Saint Francis Catholic Secondary School

Principal’s Message

The Saint Francis Catholic Secondary School community is  vibrant, friendly and caring.  Saint Francis has developed a strong academic reputation.  Our school celebrates a welcoming and safe environment for students as characterized by the many programs and/or activities within the school.  Our success affirms that we put together an academic program of success while maintaining a very competitive co-curricular program and a diverse arts program.

Since its inception, the St. Francis community has raised in excess of $500,000.00 during our annual Pilgrimage activities. These funds have gone to assist programs in Haiti, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic as well as to local organizations whose mandate is to assist the poor.

Saint Francis joins those who care for you such as your parents,  family,  friends  and clergy who provide the foundation for your future.  As we enrich our connections between School, Home and Church, let us remember God’s gifts to us and ensure that we strive to Know Him, Love Him and Serve Him.

Our outstanding staff is dedicated to the individual growth of each of our students. Saint Francis’ message of peace and being an instrument of peace is the rallying cry of past and present students and staff of this tight-knit North St. Catharines community.

We are a school that is open to all and our hallways are dedicated to the spirit of Saint Francis, “to love everything”.  Bring us your best and love everyone as your success in Mind, Body and Spirit is a critical building block for the success of our entire community.

Jim Whittard


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