Saint Francis Catholic Secondary School

Morning Announcements

Thursday, December 2

Girls’ Volleyball

Our junior girls’ volleyball team played their first game yesterday against St. Michael. After losing their first set, the girls were determined and fought hard to clinch a win in the second set forcing the game to a tie breaker. After being hit with some tough serves from the St. Michael team, our Phoenix fell short of the win. Excellent serving by Brooklyn O’Hara and outstanding offensive plays made by Dara Soji. Our next practice will take place on Monday after the senior girls’ game. Please be in the gym by 3:45.

There is no School Reach Practice today after school.  

However, all Intermediate and Senior School Reach Participants are asked to see Ms. Casburn as early as possible in the morning on Friday, December 3rd.

Boys’ Basketball

Last night, the senior boys’ basketball team opened their 2021-22 regular season on the road in Niagara Falls versus Saint Michael.  The boys came out of the gate showing obvious signs of rust and jitters, but settled in nicely finishing the first quarter with an 18-0 lead.  When the final buzzer went the score was 67-18 for your Phoenix.  Leading the way offensively was Andrew Ens.  In his high school debut the grade 9 had 21 first half points and ended with 27 on the sheet.   Good game Kid!   Your Phoenix play their home opener next Wednesday versus Holy Cross.  Make sure you book it off work, cancel your plans and show up loud and proud!  Let’s go Purple Army!!!

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