Saint Francis Catholic Secondary School

Catholic School Council

“It is within the family where children are raised and formed as human beings. The parental role in this human formation is governed by love, a love which places itself “at the service of children to draw forth from them  the best that is in them” and which “finds its fullest expression precisely in the task of educating.” (Compendium, No. 239)  The family is the “first school.”

-Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Catholic Church

Saint Francis enjoys the benefits of a committed group of students, parents, teachers and support staff who participate on School Council. Participating on Saint Francis’ Catholic School Council allows you to be a part of the everyday process of your child’s education. Our Council meets five times during the school year to discuss a spectrum of information and concerns related to student, school success and NCDSB policy. Your participation is encouraged and welcomed.

Current Representatives

  • Sandra McQuade – Chairperson
  • Jim Whittard – Principal
  • Tony DellaVentura – Vice-Principal
  • Trish Casburn – Staff Representative (Teaching)
  • Kathryn O’Reilly- Staff Representative (Non-teaching)
  • Father Richard Kowalchuk – Parish Representative
  • Evan Garland – Student Representative
  • Nayri Betook-Setrak – Parent Representative
  • Marion Battersby – Parent Representative
  • Maria Brgan – Parent Representative
  • Sarah Daniel – Parent Representative
  • Indira D’Arrigo- Parent Representative
  • Danuela Freel – Parent Representative
  • Lynsey Gregoire – Parent Representative
  • Jeremy Harb – Parent Representative
  • Sama Maximous – Parent Representative
  • Hanan Meshrki – Parent Representative
  • Sabina Nesbit – Parent Representative
  • Dave Venneri – Parent Representative
  • Angi Watt – Parent Representative

Meeting dates for 2017-2018

All meetings are held in room 141  and start at 7:00 pm.



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