Saint Francis Catholic Secondary School


(Extra forms for downloading at bottom of this page)

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Back by popular demand, Saint Francis will be running a school fundraiser that has a two pronged approach.  We will begin the year by selling meat and seafood orders from North Country Meat and Seafood (formerly known as Macgregors Meats) to help with your Fall BBQ season.  Later this year, in November, in preparation for the Christmas season, we will be offering wine sales through Henry of Pelham Winery.  Both sales will allow individuals to purchase delicious food and wine at exclusive prices, with a portion of the total sale remaining at the school as profit.  The money raised will go to support all co-curricular activities at the school.

When selling Meat and Seafood orders please complete the order form on the long white paper.  This form does not come back to the school, this is for your tracking and delivery purposes.  When finished selling please complete the Summary Order Form (purple sheet) and return this form to the school with all payments. These forms and payments must be returned to the school by Tuesday September 25th by 9:30am to be eligible for any prizes. Payments can be made by cash or cheque made out to “Saint Francis Catholic Secondary School”, or we can also accept credit cards.  If you wish to pay by credit card please fill in the form on the bottom of the purple sheet and make sure to sign the form.  Delivery will be Tuesday October 2nd, at 6:30pm, at Saint Francis.  You must be able to pick up your order that night as all products are frozen and need to remain frozen.

More details will be provided in November regarding the wine fundraiser.


The Phoenix Fundraising Committee

2018-19 SCHOOL GOAL – EVERY STUDENT SELLS $100 worth of food!!!

$ of Meat                             PRIZE                                                      DATES:

Sell $75 worth          OUT OF UNIFORM Sept 19th!!                 Monday Sept. 17th

of product

Sell $300 worth         $5 Tim Hortons Card                             FINAL DAY SEPT. 25th

of product

Sell $500 worth         EARN A $25 ITUNES CARD                 FINAL DAY SEPT. 25th

of product

**********EXTRA – every student who sells $100 worth of products by the final day – SEPT. 25th receives an extra out of uniform day – Oct. 2nd!!!


Top Seller – $250 Cash

2nd & 3rd Top Seller – $100 Cash


TOP CLASS IN SCHOOL – receives a free hot breakfast!!

TOP CLASS IN EACH GRADE LEVEL – receives a free cold breakfast!!

NOTE: to participate in a class breakfast, a student must sell at least one item to help their class total!!!

CUSTOMER ORDER FORM 2018 (Tracking Sheet)

SELLERS ORDER FORM 2018 (purple page)



Family of Schools

Diocese of St. Catharines