Saint Francis Catholic Secondary School

Attendance Policy

“Every person who attains the age of six years on or before the first day of school in September in any year shall attend an elementary or secondary school on every school day from the first school day in September in that year … until the last school day in June in which the person attains the age of 18 years.” (Education Act, sec. 21.1b)

Students are expected to attend all classes indicated on their timetable, all liturgical celebrations, all assemblies, and all special functions organized for the students during the school day. Skipping any Liturgical celebration will result in a suspension.

As we at St. Francis recognize the importance of classroom time, it is imperative that students minimize the number of days that they are absent or late for class under any circumstances.  Active participation in class, on a daily basis, is an important part of all student development and a significant aspect in their final evaluation.

Parents are responsible to report the absence of their child each day.  Parents may call the system at 1-844-287-6287, go on-line at, or use the free iOS or Android App to report an absence for their child.

FIRST, however, parents MUST REGISTER AN ACCOUNT at  To see additional information on setting up an account, please click here Letter for Parents – Safe Arrival Nov 26 – 2015

Excessive Absences: A student who misses a significant number of classes may be asked to provide a medical certificate.  Students who are persistently absent from school will be referred to the board’s Stay in School Co-ordinator.

Student Expectations

Classroom Work: Students are responsible for any work and assignments missed. They must make arrangements with their teachers to catch up and will be evaluated according to guidelines provided in the course syllabus.

Tests: Only a legitimate absence (illness, bereavement, extenuating circumstances) will be acceptable reasons for missing a test. For the first illness that would result in missing a test, a phone call from a parent/guardian must be made to the attendance office stating that the student is ill and cannot come to school. The parent/guardian must clearly indicate that he/she is aware that the student is missing a test. The student will be responsible for writing the test on the first day back from illness. A doctor’s note may be required to avoid a mark of “0”.


Section 21 of the Education Act states: A child is excused from attendance at school only if the child is unable to attend school by reason of sickness or other unavoidable cause. Students with unexplained absences will be considered truant. Truancy will result in disciplinary action. A student is truant if he/she:

  • Does not sign in or out at the attendance office.
  • Returns to school without signing in.
  • Is absent from school without prior permission of a parent/guardian.
  • Becomes ill and stays in the washroom instead of reporting to the attendance office.
  • Does not attend a scheduled class, school function, and/or assembly.
  • Receives permission to go to a certain place and does not report there.

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